Love always brings that special person’s face in front of my eyes and an everlasting film of those special moments and memories starts revolving around me.

The Korean artist Puuung has demonstrated these loveful moments through his posters, who thinks “Love is something that everyone can relate to. And love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives.” He has illustrated those intimate moments that tell a story of couple’s happy, sad, excited, special little things.

Let’s have a look at those lovely illustrations:

1. When he takes care of her.

Those caring moments when he looks after her like his baby..!

2. When they both watch a horror movie.

Enjoying the moments of togetherness even watching those scary horror movies..

3. When he cooks for her.


When he cooks a special dish for her, what can be more surprising for her!

4. When he hugs her surprisingly.


A small surprise of hug is the biggest gift ever they give to each other.

5. When he cares for her.

Those sad moments when she wants to cry in his arms and he is there just to make her feel better.

6. When dance becomes a reason of happiness.

And those beautiful moves which let them enjoy !
When she surprises him on his birthday.

A long preparation, a cake and his favourite dinner just to make his birthday memorable!

8. When they take care of their pet together.

Behaving childish while spending time with their pet is awesome .

9. When they sing together!

It doesn’t matter to them how they are singing. They just enjoy the crazy time!

10. Love is spending time together.
No matter what they do together, what’s important is being there for each other. Share these amazing images with your loved one.


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