Your physical health is important
Physical health is defined as is the condition of your body. Good physical health is when your body is functioning as it was designed to function.

What affects my physical health?
There are four categories of things that affect physical health. You can not always control the things that affect your physical body. But, you can do your best to prevent injury and help you body to function at well.

  • Lifestyle. This is the element of physical health that we have the most control over. This includes our diet, our emotional health, our level of physical activity, and our behaviors. Tobacco use is a problem for many people – quitting tobacco is an important behavioral change. Your health plan may offer a cessation program. There are things that we can change about our lifestyles to help our bodies stay healthy. Get more information on healthy living.
  • Human Biology. There may be things in our genetics and our chemistry that are perceived as abnormalities. They may make it harder to achieve complete physical health. There are ways that our body compensates for disabilities. Even though we can not control our genetics we can control how we treat our illnesses.
  • Environment. Our environment includes the type of air we breathe, the places we live and our surroundings. We may have to change our environments if they are really bad for our physical health.
  • Healthcare Services. These are the services that we get to help us prevent illness, detect illness or treat illness.

What can I do?
We need to take care of every aspect of our being in order to achieve good physical health. Positive emotions are linked to better physical health. We must try to keep a balance in our lives. Some things that we can do to take care of our physical bodies include:

  • Rest. Our body needs a certain amount of hours of sleep every night in order to function properly. After hard work or especially trying times it is important that we take time to rest and allow our bodies time to recover.
  • Eat healthy. Our bodies use food as fuel. We must remember to eat regularly. We have to watch what we eat. Sugars and fatty foods can make it harder for our bodies to function as they were designed to.
  • Exercise. Our bodies were designed to be physically active. We have to remember that in order to keep our bodies healthy we must take time each day to exercise.
  • Hygiene. It is important that we keep our bodies clean. This can help to protect against illness and infection.
  • Get regular check-ups. We need to see our doctors regularly so that they can monitor our physical health and tell us about any changes we may need to make to keep our bodies healthy.
  • Stay emotionally healthy. When we get overly stressed or emotional our bodies get worn out and it is easier for them to catch an illness. Staying emotionally fit keeps our bodies in good operating condition.
  • Do not smoke, abuse alcohol, or abuse drugs.

Illness and Injury
No matter how good we take care of ourselves we will still experience illness and injury. During these times we must take the necessary steps to heal. We have to treat our illnesses. The biggest part of healing is natural. With our help our bodies can heal from illness and injury.


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