Air pollution, which is one of the top ten dangers to life, is also one of the major factors of eye infections, affecting people of all ages.

The high levels of pollutants in the air can give rise to a number of eye conditions ranging from simple eye irritation to severe allergy. Common symptoms include redness, watery eyes, burning sensation, itchy sensation, etc.

Eye allergies and conjunctivitis, which, if not treated in time, can lead to cornea problems affecting vision.

According to experts, pollutants like nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide in the air make the tear film of the eyes more acidic.

With Delhi’s air pollution reaching hazardous level, posing serious threats to residents’ health, especially those with chronic respiratory problems, here are some simple tips to prevent eye infections:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes directly even if fine particulates enter to avoid
  • Wash your eyes with water
  • Apply a cool compress to help reduce inflammation
  • Use lubricating eye drops given by eye specialists
  • Wear sunglasses while outdoors
  • Avoid wearing contact lens and eye makeup if your eyes are feeling sore

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