New Delhi: It is a common fact that most people tend to eat more when the food is just too delicious or during festive season. But, overindulgence in food can take your health for a toss and may lead to a bloated stomach due to indigestion.

Excessive gas in your stomach not just puts you in an uncomfortable situation but can also be a warning of serious health issue.

Here are a few ways to avoid bloated stomach:

-Chewing your food properly is the key. Eating fast can make you swallow too much of air.

-Sometimes sipping a cup of hot water also eases a bloated stomach.

-Regularly take probiotics like ‘raita’ prepared with curd and added with ingredients like grated cucumber and coriander will surely help.

-Reduce the intake of salt in your food as it may lead to formation of unnecessary gas in the stomach.

-Consume just the right amount of ginger about half an hour before each meal and feel the difference.


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